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Broad Spectrum

  • Spray+Fog 2.5 EC is especially formulated to control stored product pests like weevils, beetles, borers, moths, and mites in corn but is not limited to the aforementioned. Lambda Cyhalothrin in general, at 25g/L Emulsifiable Concentrate has been proven and tested effective to control wide array of flying and crawling insects as well. 

Long Residual

  • Spray + Fog 2.5 EC from trials has shown long-lasting effect that can up to 45 days after treatment against Sitophilus spp, Rhyzopertha dominica and Tribolium castaneum in ideal storage conditions (well-ventilated, low-density and sanitary).

Superior At Low Dose

  • Spray + Fog 2.5 EC can offer a higher mortality rate for as low as 20-40 ml of concentrate.



  • Spray + Fog 2.5 EC can be used in all kinds of storage facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants, terminals, silos and flat storages. Likewise in transport vessels like barges, local or foreign ships, trucks, container vans and bulk vans.

  • Spray + Fog 2.5 EC can be used be applied using regular compressed sprayer, motorized back-pack machines, ultra- low volume machines and thermal foggers.

Tested at University of Philippines Los Banos

  • Bio-efficacy trial conducted by renowned researcher Dr. Pio Javier.

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