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  • Spray+Fog 2.5 EC is a yellow Lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide​. It is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used worldwide in agriculture, home pest control, protection of foodstuff and disease vector control. Truly, there will be "NO MORE INSECT DAMAGE" when coupled with a regular pest control and sanitation program.

Pioneering, Revolutionizing

  • Spray+Fog 2.5 EC is the First Lambda cyhalothrin registered in Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) intended for stored product pest namely Sitophilus spp, Rhyzopertha dominica and Tribolium castaneum.

Mode Of Action

  • Spray+Fog 2.5 EC contains the active ingredient Lambda cyhalothrin. It belongs to the pyrethroid chemical class 3A. It affects the nervous system of an insect by targeting the gating mechanism of sodium channel by leaving it open allowing the prolonged excitation of nerve fibers. When it is ingested or exposed internally, the insect will suffer from paralysis or immediate death. It is widely used due to its safety and less persistence.

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